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Rat Control Service In Hyderabad-If you need a rat solution for your rat problem (company  name) is the company you should choose for rat control services in Hyderabad. With over many  years of experience in rat control services, there is no job too big for (company name) Our experts will recommend a rat solution designed specifically for your rat problem. We have acquired knowledge over the years that helps us get the job done right the first time. We truly believe that our rat solution for your rat problem will 100% leave you rat-free guaranteed. Our experts are trained to use only the most efficient techniques and products.Rat Control Services


What are the steps we follow in Rat control service?

Every rat solution designed by our professionals uses the following four steps. There may be additional steps needed, however, these are the main four steps that are usually always needed.

Rat Inspection

In order to design your rat solution the first thing that needs to be done is an inspection. This step helps the technician determine the level of rat infestation you have.

When our experts arrive at your home or business they first look for every possible way the rats are entering your home or business. There are many areas on the outside of the house a rat can invade your home from. We make sure that every entry point gets blocked so the rats will not be able to enter your home. Once the inspection is done we will be able to tell you what needs to be done to get rid of the rats. Usually, the job gets done that day, however, there are the homes that have been taken over by rats that it takes more than one day.


After the inspection we then start to proof your home from rats.

Proofing your home is important for our rat solution. Proofing your home from rats will keep them from being able to enter your home. We proof every area the rats enter your home. Starting from the outside to the inside we will not miss one spot. Our team of experts are trained to use only the best products and techniques. The products being used will not leave the appearance of your home unpleasant. The team of our employee  is trained to professional install any product needed. Once the rats have been prevented from getting inside your home we move onto trapping and removing the rats that may still be inside your home.

Rat Trapping & Removal

Now that the rats are incapable of entering your home we start trapping and removing the rats that may still be inside. Because we are professionals and having been experts in rat control in Hyderabad  for over many years we know how to properly set traps.

 Using snap traps we place them in the paths and directions the rats are traveling. You may think that it is just placing the traps on the floor, however, rats are pretty smart. If a trap is contaminated with human scent they will avoid going near the trap. Also it takes a trained eye to know exactly the paths the rats are travelling. Once the traps have been set if you hear a trap snap or see a dead rat you should call us. Do not try to reset the traps if they snapped and caught nothing. If the traps are not properly set the trap can go off in your hand. Trust us, it does not feel good to get your finger caught in a snap trap. 

For whatever reason you take a dead rat to the trash you should be wearing proper protective equipment. Rats carry many diseases. We do not recommend that you remove the rat yourself.
Most of the time the rats are usually in your attic and once all the trapping and removal is complete we do an attic decontamination

Attic Cleanup

The final step to your rat solution is attic cleanup and decontamination. Because the rats have been living in our attic they have left behind many diseases in your insulation. Rat feces and urine are underneath the insulation and if not removed can lead to reinfestation and possibly make you sick. To prevent the particles from becoming airborne we decontaminate the attic before moving any insulation or vaccumming. Insulation in your attic is contaminated also so that is removed and replaced. Once all the insulation is removed and the feces and urine is cleaned up we decontaminate the attic once more.

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