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About Pest Dial Pest Control Services in Hyderabad

Our company Pest dial was established in 2021 and has grown into a professionally managed business. We have well trained and highly experienced technicians who service the residential and commercial sectors. Our aim is to offer the best pest control service at a reasonable price and maintain high skill.

The chemicals we use for pesticides are 100% environmentally friendly. Our services are everywhere in Hyderabad. We are Specialists at:-

  • Termite Pest Control Service.
  • Cockroach control treatment.
  • Bed Bugs control treatment.
  • Ants control treatment & many more.
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Pest dial is one of the primary residential and commercial pest control services in Hyderabad. Our team of experts has successfully handled hundreds of premises for different types of pests including bedbugs, cockroaches, termites, mosquitoes and more for over a many years now. Whether it is your house or your commercial space, we are committed to providing you with expert service in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

     24/7 SERVICE

When you find pests in your home, we know you want them gone as quickly as possible, which is why our pest control team will provide you with a full day service.


The pest control team ensures proactive and rapid prevention with minimal impact on your family, your home life and your budget. This makes us one of the best low-end services.


A smart and efficient use of ecological solutions that do not involve any chemicals. Safe for your family too.


Every day more and more families choose us as their pest control company because of what they get. We also offer a money back guarantee for our services.


We treat your home as if it were our own. We respect our date and do our best every time we visit your sweet home.


We provide our clients best services with the best quality products at a good time.

General Pest Control!

Parasites can damage your home, offices, and environment and create health problems for your family. We inspect and treat your house, offices, etc. for the particular type of pest problem you are having. Attention to holders, employees and customers our work is guaranteed.


Qualified and knowledgeable to take over the most sensitive pest control services with confidence.

Quality Assurance!

Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are our only motto. We only want you to like the service you receive from us. We have implemented strict quality pest control measures in our whole process. Almost everyone has to do with indoor or outdoor pets. In order to avoid poisoning our environment, we must assess the environment friendly to the environment. So this type of environment is made by us. We use products in a way that minimizes risks to people, pets, property and the environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: How Long Does Pest Control Take ?

Pest control is a process that is used to remove pests from an environment. Pests are any animal that causes damage, carries disease, or can be a nuisance to humans. The use of pest control means that the pests are either killed, removed, or their living conditions are changed so they cannot carry on with their harmful activities. The process of pest control can be carried out in many different ways and takes between one and five hours (or more) to complete depending on the size and location of the area.

Q2: What to Do After Pest Control Sprays ?

Pest control is one of the most crucial aspects of maintaining a healthy and safe environment for your family. Even though pest control treatments are usually not harmful to humans, it is still important to be aware of the chemicals sprayed. The first thing you should do after pest control has been done is to make sure you are not exposed to any chemicals that may have been used. You should either leave the house or stay in an area where there are no chemicals or fumes from the pest control company. The next step would be to take care of any areas that were sprayed by the pest control company, for example carpets, curtains, baby shops and other fabric items. You should wash these items thoroughly with soap and water to remove any chemicals that might have seeped into them during the spray process.

Q3: How Long Does Pest Control Take ?

When you have small-sized property, the time taken for the pest control treatment will be less than 30 minutes as compared to big spaces which take 1 to 2 hours. Another aspect that has an impact on the total time of pest control procedure is the level of infestation. Having years of experience, our experts promise you to accomplish the pest control procedure in your specified time.

Q4: How Long Does Pest Control Last ?

Pests like rats and mice can cause a lot of stress and misery. That's why pest control services is often used in order to get rid of pests and keep them away from your house. If you want to know how long does pest control last, then pest control can be considered as a one-time solution that needs to be repeated every now and then in order to provide continuous protection against pests. Since there are different types of pests, it is necessary for the homeowner to renew the treatment every six months or so in order to keep all of them away from the home.

Q5: Who Pays for Pest Control When Renting ?

Many people are renting homes or apartments, especially in major cities. Renting tends to be cheaper than owning a home, but it is still costly enough to make people think twice before they decide whether or not to rent. One of the biggest expenses for renters is pest control. The following are some tips on who pays for pest control when renting: If you are renting an apartment, your landlord usually pays for the pest control service. If you are renting a house, your landlord may pay for it if they have a contract that specifies that they have to keep the property in good condition. If there is no mention of pest control being included in your rental agreement then you will have to pay for it yourself.

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